Founded over 50 years ago

Founded in 1969, Sand Drift Aikido one of the oldest continuously operating dojos in the
United States

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Aikido training does not rely on size or strength. It is excellent for Men and Women of all ages

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All instructors have more than 20 years experience

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Sand Drift Aikido
is Different


    Aikido does not rely on competition as a gauge of worth but on the development of the human mind, body and spirit in an environment of cooperative training.


    Over 52 years of service to the residents of Central Florida, Sand Drift Aikido is one of the oldest continuously operating dojos in the United States.


    Owned and operated by our members. It has one of the largest dedicated training spaces in the Southeast. There are Mens and Womens dressing rooms with bathrooms and showers in each .


    Contracts are not required for membership.

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We make it easy for New Members with free classes and introductory discount packages. Our schedule includes Beginners Classes and a Low Impact Aikido Class. Please use the contact information on the website to reach Barry Richardson about any questions and to set a time to visit our dojo.